Concrete Foundations: Poured & Block

A+ Concrete is a full service concrete foundation contractor. We specialize in footings, foundations, and retaining walls. And we offer related building services, as needed. The benefits of this product include:

Strength – poured walls are engineered for strength to be long-lasting.
Value – a poured foundation increases property values.
Fast – poured foundations create a faster back fill process. This speeds construction and lowers costs.
Versatile – we can adapt a poured foundation to almost any design. We have equipment to meet any foundation building requirements.

A+ Concrete takes pride in knowing your foundation is structurally engineered to withstand harsh Michigan winters. Your build is completed by experienced professionals. Poured concrete offers solid performance in the construction of your foundation. It provides homeowners with stronger and drier basements.

Why a Poured Concrete Foundation?

Poured concrete offers better performance than concrete block walls at a good price. Solid poured walls are 25 times stronger than filled block walls. They are more watertight and easier to damp-proof. Your concrete walls will have far less water problems. They will have less humidity than block wall systems. Block wall systems are porous and water flows through them.

  • Strength – poured walls have a compressive and flexural strength several times that of concrete block. The wall strength is higher than standard safety codes.
  • Water Resistance – poured walls reduce basement water problems. A water-tight basement means less calls to the builder or developer. It also means you will have fewer warranty problems.
  • Fire Resistance – solid wall construction provides twice the protection against fire as hollow core concrete block.
  • Design Choices – poured wall methods fit most home designs. We offer the choice of either brick or smooth finishes.
  • Simple Maintenance – poured wall construction is almost maintenance free.

Homeowners report their poured concrete basements are dryer than other homes with different types of walls. Efficient construction methods make poured concrete walls cost effective, when compared to block walls. Poured walls are stronger than block walls.

Removable form and concrete placement technology allows complex projects to be finished fast. Contractors like using concrete mix designs that offer workability, flow-ability, and strength. Homeowners’ needs change over the years of home ownership. Contractors are re-discovering the ability of wall form systems to meet those needs. Some of those needs include having a full eight-foot or higher ceiling in a poured concrete basement.

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