Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone Work Services

Cultured Stone gives you the look you want for unique interiors. It provides a new and different type of decorative exterior for residential and commercial buildings. A+ Concrete will customize the stone to create a variety of colors and textures. It will make your final build stand out. If the project lends to using natural stone, manufactured stone can also be used as well as save you some budget.

Benefits of Using Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone blends the best of art and science, machine and man, and function and form. It is created from the highest quality materials. The manufacturer chooses the best hand-picked natural stones. From this, he creates the sizes, shapes, and textures of the cultured stone. The manufactured stone is tested by a third-party to meet international standards.

The final product is consistent, durable, high-quality, and reliable. Cultured Stone is designed to meet or exceed all major building code requirements. Best of all, it is mostly maintenance-free. The manufacturer provides a 50-year warranty.

A+ Concrete is proud to offer Cultured Stone masonry services. This stone may be used both for interior and exterior work. We use manufactured stone to provide the look and quality of natural stone for a lower price. It creates a premium look for remodeling projects and new construction. We build interior walls and fireplaces with it. Stone adds an ageless beauty to the value of your home.

Why Choose A+ Concrete Of Northern Michigan?

Our team is trained to install manufactured stone properly to your patio, fireplace, home exterior or any other home improvement project. Improper installation will create rotted wood, spongy sheetrock, and mold. This is costly to repair. We do good work, and our quality installation will ensure you avoid problems in the future due to faulty construction.

Our licensed crew reviews your home and your plans, and also makes sure all building codes are met. We apply at least one solid moisture barrier wrap, as well as use expansion joints where the siding borders other materials. To assure efficiency, we caulk around windows and doors. Another step we take to assure quality, is to use flash in all critical areas, and create weep holes. We give adequate space above grade for any accumulated water to escape.


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