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You once had the limited choices of gray cement, black asphalt, or reddish brown cobblestones for your hardscapes. Today’s innovative concrete finishing methods give you an amazing number of decorative possibilities. These options are great for enhancing the curb appeal of your home via your patio, walkways, driveway and other outdoor spaces.

Here are some of the exciting concrete options we can do for you:

Stamped Concrete

Adding texture and color to the concrete creates an illusion of being built from natural materials. Textures and colors we can mimic with stamped concrete are like materials such as: tile, cobblestone, brick, slate, fieldstone, flagstone, or even wood. Molds are pressed into drying concrete and colored tints are applied to give stamped concrete its unique appearance. This process is less labor-intensive and takes fewer hours to finish than applying individual stones or tiles, plus you receive the advantage of the strength of solid concrete. We can pick a texture and color to match the architecture of your house or your property’s surrounding landscape. Borders in divergent colors and patterns are possible for a complementary appeal. Antiquing accents of color can be added to reveal a truly dramatic effect. When we finish a stamped concrete on your property, its beauty complements your home, vastly improving the property’s curb appeal.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete creates amazing, attractive results. This is done when we apply contrasting colored stains to both new or existing concrete. This treatment produces economical and stunning effects. An earth tone stain can give older and slightly cracked concrete a unique leather appearance. Saw cuts and opposing color tints evolve drab concrete to the vibrant appearance of individual tiles. We can apply delicate colored tinges, or edging pattern highlights to add a pleasing look.

Engraved Concrete

By etching a pattern into concrete, along with adding stain, your can possess an appearance of a brick or cobblestone pattern. This inexpensive treatment is possible on both new concrete and existing concrete. Another version of this technique involves sawing geometric lines and patterns into the concrete’s surface to dramatically enhance the surface.

Exposed Aggregate

A time-honored method of applying a final finish of bare aggregate produces stunning results, especially when contrasting aggregate colors are employed.

Why Choose A+ Concrete Of Northern Michigan?

These concrete driveway procedures are advanced enough to require the practiced patience of professional concrete specialists, such as us. The result is a true piece of art, an inviting, welcoming, and dramatic entrance to your happy home. Not only is outstanding curb appeal added to your house, but a quality, modern concrete driveway built with any of the above fashions significantly boosts your property value. Our team of expert concrete builders have years of experience with building high-quality concrete structures of all types and we guarantee our work.


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